November 24, 2017


2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!


Hello everybody! Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will start at 12 am on 11/24/17 MST for website orders and will run through 11/27/17 11:59 pm MST. You can also visit our shop in person on Friday 11/24/17 and Monday 11/27/17 from 10 am to 4 pm. We hope everybody has a wonderful holiday and look forward to serving your growing needs to finish out 2017!

If you click on the Black Friday image on the home page, it will automatically apply the discount for you at checkout!

Here is the list of everything on sale for the 20% off:
Worm Castings
Worm Feed
Select Soil Amendments:

Alfalfa Meal (5-40 lb sizes)
Calphos Granular Rock Phosphate (5-50 lb sizes)
Calphos Powder Rock Phosphate (5-50 lb sizes)
Chlor-A Quell (4 oz - 1 gallon volume)
Crustacean Meal (1-40 lb sizes)
Diatomaceous Earth (2-50 lb sizes)
Dry Molasses (5 and 10 lb sizes)
Epson Salt (1-50 lb sizes)
Fish Bone Meal (5-50 lb sizes)
Glacial Rock Dust (5-50 lb sizes)
Green Cover Seed Mycorrizhal Mix (1-50 lb sizes)
Gypsum (1 and 50 lb sizes)
Insect Frass (1-20 lb sizes)
Karanja Cake (5 and 44 lb sizes)
Kelp Meal (5-50 lb sizes)
Neem Cake (5 and 44 lb sizes)
Oyster Shell Flour (1-50 lb sizes)
Pumice 1 Cubic Ft (Fine or Medium)
Sulfate of Potash Fines (1-50 lb sizes)
Sulfer Granules, Organic (1-50 lb sizes)

*Does not apply to custom soil blends

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Ocean minerals for your soil and plants through Sea-Crop!

Sea-Crop is a catalytic trigger that releases nature's energy to give the full benefit of mycorrhizal symbiosis. The mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria that are native and adapted to your soil are stimulated to grow and reproduce abundantly, rapidly giving all of the well documented benefits of mycorrhizal symbiosis. 

Soil structure is further improved by the humic compounds and extracellular polysaccharides that are produced by the microflora. These substances improve soil porosity and help to bind the soil into aggregates, which aids plant growth by increasing aeration, stimulating root development and maximizing water movement through the soil. 

Sea-crop concentrate is a mycorrhizal stimulant containing over 80 natural source minerals and active organic substances from deep sea pacific ocean water.

The word "mycorrhizae" literally means "fungus-roots" and defines the close mutually beneficial relationship between specialized soil fungi (mycorrhizal fungi) and plant roots. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots and extend far into the soil resource. Mycorrhizal fungal filaments in the soil are truly extensions of root systems and more effective in nutrient and water absorption than the roots themselves.

Benefits to Sea-Crop:

  • Improved plant growth and yield
  • Improved root growth
  • Yield increases 15%-35%
  • Healthier plants
  • More flowers and larger fruit
  • Mineral and Vitamin count is increased
  • Growing cycle is shortened by weeks


Sea-Crop is available in-store or online!

The Bokashi Bucket!

Quick & easy composting            Saving Money               Keeping it Green

The Bokashi bucket was created for quick and easy at home composting. Its convenient enough to keep indoors or out. Simply add 2-3 inches of food like fruits and vegetables, rice or pastas, meats- cooked or raw, even bones, dairy and coffee grounds, top with Bokashi activator mix and in 6 weeks you will have fermented compost ready to be added to your soil!

In us humans,we need good bacteria like pro-biotics in our system to keep everything happy. Plants are exactly the same. Humans either take pro-biotics or eat foods like yogurt or fermented foods to give our body the good bacteria. We do this in plants by adding the microbiology into the soil. Plants need microbes in the soil to work with their root structure to absorb all the nutrients in the soil. Most synthetic fertilizers or pesticides degrade the healthy microbes in the soil, thus limiting the amount of nutrients the plant can absorb. Bokashi puts those microbs back into the soil to make it more "pro-biotic."

Small changes can have a big impact on this world!

We keep a healthy supply of the buckets and activator in our shop so feel free to stop by and learn more about making your own amazing Bokashi compost!

Amy's Garden

Meet Amy. She's our northern Colorado Rep and greatest testament to the power of Rocky Mountain Worm Company's earthworm castings.
Amy's garden was even recently featured as part of her town's Garden Tour over the weekend. We were thrilled to be able to go and see all the amazing work they have done!

This is Amy's garden. It's only one year old! Last year, after an old massive tree fell down in their backyard, Amy and her parents went to work on transforming their large bare yard into a garden and "outdoor living room" as Amy's dad calls it, complete with orchards, vegetable gardens, rose gardens, a fire pit and more.

They used plants that were tossed out and not wanted anymore. They were scrawny and what we would consider starter plants. They grew their vegetable garden from seed. And after discovering Rocky Mountain Worm Company last year, they bought some worm castings to try them out. Amy made teas from the worm castings and watered her plants that way. And they were blown away from the results!

This year, they have a garden that is only one year old that looks like it's 5 years old or more! Even we were amazed!

It's truly a testament to Amy and her mom's hard work and also the amazing power of worm castings.

And after Amy saw the result of our worm castings, she decided she wanted to be a part of our company and asked for a job. How could we say no to someone who is a major cheerleader for our company? Amy is amazing and we love her to pieces!

We are so thankful to have her as a part of our company.

For all of our Northern Colorado fans you can contact Amy via email or phone! or 303-887-8844

The Effects of Organic Soil on Medical Marijuana Production (MMJ)

All plants need a good quality soil, rich in vital nutrients and trace minerals in order to grow vigorously, and marijuana is no exception. As medical marijuana (MMJ) production increases, growers are satisfying customer’s needs and preferences with better tasting, higher potency products, by growing organically. Timothy Green is one of Michigan’s major producers, and he is convinced that plants grown in an organic soil produce more buds, of a higher quality, and with no soil residue left on the plants.

Finding the perfect balance between quality, as in potency and taste, and quantity, as in crop harvest, is essential, and careful plant manipulation can achieve the best of both. 







 Here are a few tips on organic MMJ production from the master grower.
  • The production of the desired THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and tricom crystals can be increased by draught in the plant.
  • Bud size can be incremented by trimming the lower leaves of the plant so encouraging it to bush at the top. This process is commonly called Lollipopping.
  • Plants can be tricked into thinking that winter is approaching, and so to produce flowers, by artificially manipulating the light cycle. Maintaining the plants with as equal period of light and darkness, 12 hours each, will induce them to start budding.
  • Like people, plants need constant and good nutrition, and this is best obtained through organic means.
  • In an attempt to speed up production chemical overfeeding sometimes occurs, and this can lead to stressed out plants that grow quickly, but do not have the desired quality for MMJ.
  • Most strains of MMJ plants require 3-4 months to reach maturity and they should not be encouraged to bud before this time.
  • The most potent strains of plants will yield between 1-2 ounces per plant, while those of an inferior strength can produce up to 10 ounces.

Timothy also warns that the over use of nutrients can cause a chemical burn, also sometimes referred to as nuke burn. The plant leaves appear scorched at the edges, almost like someone had held a flame to them, if the content of nitrogen or phosphorous of the soil is too elevated. Getting the correct nutritional balance for your plants can be tricky which is why this expert advises avoiding commercial products and making your own organic soil mix with worm castings and bat guano. This ensures that your plants will receive the vital nutrients they need, including those listed below, naturally, and in the correct balance. Worm castings also make an excellent organic fertilizer which plants love. Simply steep the worm castings in water for a few days to make your compost or worm tea, and then spray it onto your plants. You will notice an increase in production and a decrease in problems from pests.

Worm Castings
Worm castings add vital nutrients to your soil like:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Sulfur

Some organic growers claim an increase of up to 20% in plant growth and a whopping 150% increase in root mass, and as healthy roots are essential for a healthy plant, this great news. Start out adding 1 part of worm castings to 9 parts of soil and see what results you obtain. You may need to vary the balance slightly, but this is a good starting ratio. You will be delighted with the increase in growth and general vitality of your plants and your customers will appreciate the difference in the taste and effectiveness of your crop. 

Consider using worm castings as a fertilizer as well. By steeping it in warm water for several days, you can make compost tea (worm tea).  The resulting liquid fertilizer will give your plants a much-needed boost and help them get through those troubling seasons.

Why grow organic MMJ? Learning from Timothy Green

The entire concept of using marijuana to treat, and cure medical conditions and illness, is based upon a natural treatment option, and cultivating marijuana for curative purposes using chemicals, simply doesn't make sense. The use and production of MMJ (medical marijuana) is increasing as people look for treatments and cures without the side effects that many drugs can produce, and as a way to alleviate the side effects of medical drugs and procedures, when they are the only treatment options.

Research has shown that MMJ can be of benefit to patients with a wide range of conditions, and a few of the common uses are listed below.

Patients suffering from these and other disabling conditions have turned to MMJ usage as a real and viable alternative or supplement to traditional medicine. They deserve the very best quality of product to aid them on their road to recovery or to make their condition more bearable.

    The deficiencies of chemically grown MMJ.

    As with many types of crops a faster or larger harvest can sometimes be obtained by the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but as a consequence the quality and beneficial capacity of the products are normally reduced. Growing organically requires more time and patience, just as Mother Nature intended it to be, and the end product is guaranteed to be tastier, healthier and more beneficial. 

    One of Michigan’s major MMJ producers, Timothy Green, has no doubt that organically produced MMJ has superior flavor, quality and medicinal effect than MMJ produced using chemicals. He even revealed that one “Bud Hardener” a chemical substance used by some growers to produce larger, firmer buds, actually contained known carcinogens. Fortunately this product has now been removed from the market. Chemically grown plants can also have a build up of salts around the roots which prevent the plant from correctly absorbing the nutrients it needs, leading to stunted growth and an inferior product, as the quality of the THC can be severely reduced and so the befits of MMJ greatly decreased.

    The benefits of organic growing.

    Organic production is a far healthier alternative for the plants, the soil, the growers, the patients and the planet. Some organic fertilizers on the market however may not be entirely organic, but can in fact contain chemical components, so the best way to be sure of what you are giving your plant is to make up your own organic soil mix. Use a certified organic base soil and add worm castings and bat guano at a ratio about 1 to 9. This will provide the complete range of nutrients and minerals the plant needs, in their natural form so they can be easily absorbed and assimilated.

    Listen to and learn from your plants, as each different strain has different requirements and each grower has his preferences. To produce the best tasting, most effective and environmentally friendly product for your clients, organic production is the way to go. Your customers deserve the very best.

    How to Use Glacial Rock Dust to Remineralize Soil

    Glacial rock dust is harvested from glacial moraine. This is the remains of rocks of many different varieties and compositions which were dragged along beneath the glacier. Over a period of thousands of years these rocks were pulverized by the constant movement, and the expansion and contraction of the ice, until finally when the glacier receded, they were left deposited.  These deposits are mined, dried and screened before being commercialized as an excellent natural source of a wide range of minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium, along with trace elements and micronutrients.







      Glacial rock dust can be introduced as a soil amendment in your garden, containers and raised beds and will slowly and naturally release its vital nutrients for the benefit of your plants, throughout the growing season. However it is not only your plants which will benefit, as the animals and humans who consume these mineral rich crops will also attain the benefits of the essential elements contained in them. Your fruits and vegetable will grow bigger and more vigorously, will be bothered by fewer plagues and pests, and will have a better flavor; and your flowering plants will produce more prolific and larger blossoms. 

      Unlike chemical fertilizers Glacial Rock Dust works in conjunction with the soil, improving structure, drainage and moisture retention capacities. Essential microbial life is enhanced by the creation of an environment favorable for beneficial fungi, molds, bacteria, and the very important earthworms. When the soil is healthy and well balanced plants are protected naturally from the negative effects of insects, diseases and droughts.

      How to use Glacial Rock Dust.

      • Glacial Rock Dust is completely safe for use on all comestible and other plants.
      • 2-4 lbs can be dug into each 10 square feet of soil before planting in the spring.
      • Every month throughout the growing season Glacial Rock Dust can be sprinkled in moderation around the plant bases and into the mulch, to a depth of 1 inch.
      • 5-20 lbs of Glacial Rock Dust per cubic yard of compost material, can be added to your compost pile or bin to promote microbial activity, and to add minerals which can help quicken the decomposition process
      • 8 tablespoons in 1 gallon of soil is ideal for transplanting or for a pre-mixing soil for potted plants.

      Glacial Rock Dust is an excellent, natural way to provide all your plants with the substances they need for happy, healthy growth and abundant crop production. 

      High Yield Organics sells Glacial Rock Dust in 3 different sizes.

      Remember, healthy plants grow in healthy soil!