2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!


Hello everybody! Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will start at 12 am on 11/24/17 MST for website orders and will run through 11/27/17 11:59 pm MST. You can also visit our shop in person on Friday 11/24/17 and Monday 11/27/17 from 10 am to 4 pm. We hope everybody has a wonderful holiday and look forward to serving your growing needs to finish out 2017!

If you click on the Black Friday image on the home page, it will automatically apply the discount for you at checkout!

Here is the list of everything on sale for the 20% off:
Worm Castings
Worm Feed
Select Soil Amendments:

Alfalfa Meal (5-40 lb sizes)
Calphos Granular Rock Phosphate (5-50 lb sizes)
Calphos Powder Rock Phosphate (5-50 lb sizes)
Chlor-A Quell (4 oz - 1 gallon volume)
Crustacean Meal (1-40 lb sizes)
Diatomaceous Earth (2-50 lb sizes)
Dry Molasses (5 and 10 lb sizes)
Epson Salt (1-50 lb sizes)
Fish Bone Meal (5-50 lb sizes)
Glacial Rock Dust (5-50 lb sizes)
Green Cover Seed Mycorrizhal Mix (1-50 lb sizes)
Gypsum (1 and 50 lb sizes)
Insect Frass (1-20 lb sizes)
Karanja Cake (5 and 44 lb sizes)
Kelp Meal (5-50 lb sizes)
Neem Cake (5 and 44 lb sizes)
Oyster Shell Flour (1-50 lb sizes)
Pumice 1 Cubic Ft (Fine or Medium)
Sulfate of Potash Fines (1-50 lb sizes)
Sulfer Granules, Organic (1-50 lb sizes)

*Does not apply to custom soil blends

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Jay Williams
Jay Williams


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