Worm Castings

Grower's Best Worm Castings, bagged fresh to ensure the highest possible microbial population that brings the life to your soil! We are the best money can buy!

What is the big deal about worm castings?

The incredible earthworm has been one of nature’s greatest producers of all natural,readily available plant food. Earthworm castings are an excellent all-purpose organic fertilizer that comes to you straight from nature with no human alterations whatsoever. Earthworm castings provide beneficial microbes and nutrients essential to optimum plant growth.

At High Yield Organics, LLC, we use only rich organic material, which contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. The earthworms digest this material, and in its passage through the worm it is beneficially altered both chemically and physically. The end product is an extremely fertile, organic “super humus fertilizer”, properly conditioned for best root and plant growth.

Why Grower’s Best Worm Castings?

Healthy plants grow in soils that are vibrant and full of microbial life. Worm castings provide special benefits. They stimulate plant growth, improve root growth, enhance germination, improves crop yield, contain plant growth hormones, and are rich in microbial life and nutrients.

Earthworm castings have a high concentration of beneficial bacteria and microbes added to them by the earthworm in the digestive process. These microscopic creatures help different elements of the soil work in conjunction with each other to create healthy, working soil that provides the best possible environment for optimum growth.

Worm castings are a disease free, odorless means to condition your soil and an organic and all natural way to provide your plants with the nutrients they need, when they need them. Worm castings work extremely well in promoting healthy, strong, thriving plants.

Grower’s Best Worm Castings are safe for people, pets, and the environment; and are very cost-effective. Our worm castings contain NO pesticides or chemicals of any kind.

Benefits of Earthworm Castings:

  • All organic alternative to toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizer.
  • Provides wholesome and organic nourishment for plants and causes vigorous plant growth.
  • Micronutrients are easy for plant absorption.
  • Increases the soils ability to hold water, reduces water usage.
  • Promotes deeper growing roots and fibrous root system.
  • Improves and rebuilds soil structure and health.
  • Transforms compacted soil into healthy soil.
  • Improves the aeration of soil.
  • Non-burning, long-lasting.
  • Use it on both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Naturally odor free.


The use of earthworm castings in horticultural applications has a wide range of benefits. Introducing the beneficial organisms and organic compounds contained in Earthworm castings in early stages of plant production helps ensure plant performance.

Earthworm Castings are being used successfully in:

  • Seed germination
  • Greenhouse production
  • Container stock
  • Field planting
  • Conventional farming
  • Transitional farming
  • Organic farming

In Short…

If you are looking for increased yields of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the use of worm castings is a great start. When you concentrate this odorless, non-burning provision of nature in greater concentrations than usually found in nature, the results are truly impressive.

Chemical fertilizers are most often detrimental to soil microbiology, bypassing and often destroying much of its beneficial microbial and bacterial activity. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in both farms and gardens have become our country’s leading cause of water pollution. Grower’s Best Worm Castings are a better, organic, alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizer.

Our worm castings pose no risk to the end user and it is a “green” friendly product. It is Mother Nature’s purest form of slow release natural organic plant food.

What Grower’s Best Worm Castings are NOT:

Do not confuse Grower’s Best Worm Castings with worm compost (vermicompost). High Yield Organics, LLC worm castings are 99% pure castings. No human, animal, yard or food wastes are used in the process.

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