Worm Wigwam Vermicomposting Bin

For more than 20 years the Worm Wigwam Vermicomposting Bin has offered a convenient and economic way to harvest the benefits of vermiculture. Your kitchen, yard and garden organic waste are quickly converted into a nutrient rich super fertilizer, in an easy, natural process, with the help of a few worms. The Worm wigwam measures just 3 feet by 3 feet and requires an extra foot all around of operating space. You will need a starting population of about 10,000 worms (10-15 lbs) who can process between 10-15 lbs of organic waste each day to produce 45-60 lb of vermicompost each week.

The Worm Wigwam has been carefully designed by people who really understand worms and it is extremely simple and efficient to use and comes with a three year guarantee. The flow through design is both heated and insulated making it possible to locate it either inside or outside, and providing year round operation, although it should be placed out of intense sunlight and protected from extreme weather conditions.

This diagram shows how bedding and organic material are alternately layered into the bin, by adding new layers from the top, and the worms continuously head upwards to take advantage of the fresh feeding material leaving behind them the worm castings, along with worm cocoons, microorganisms and organic material. A turn of the crank handle releases this nutrient rich, worm free, vermicompost through the door at the base. It couldn’t be easier. 


  • 10 - 15 lbs. Start up worm population
  • 10 - 15 lbs. Feed and bedding per day processing capacity
  • 45 - 60 lbs. Finished vermicompost per week
  • Dimensions 3' diameter x 3' height
  • Space requirement 4' x 4' work area


  • This is the best vermicomposting system that I have seen to date. Anyone interested in vermicomposting to accomplish organic waste diversion, education and/or research should definitely consider the Worm Wigwam. Two years later and ours are still diverting tons of organic waste from the landfill.

    Dick Sloan, of the National Institute of Health.

  • The Worm-Wigwam has kept me in the worm business. I was going to give it up because it was just too much work. Then I found the Worm-Wigwam and everything changed for the good. I'm now having the time of my life growing and selling worms without the intense labor I was going through before.

    Jonathan Craig

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