Worm Feed

Rocky Mountain Worm Company grinds our own custom worm feed for commercial feeding. It is made from organic grains and alfalfa meal for optimal growth and health. It is a proven product to help promote vigorous growth and makes sure the worms get a great balance of necessary protein to go along with their organic vegetation diet. It may be used as an excellent starter feed. Use it to supplement, or replace, other feeding when other food stock is low, or when on vacation.

Combined with glacial rock dust and kelp additives, it will provide a complete nutrition regimen for healthy, reproductive worms.

Our worm feed is safe for plants, animals, humans, and the environment. All-natural ingredients.

Directions for Use:
As a supplement, add to your feeding schedule, sprinkling over worm bin food supply. Lightly sprinkle with water to dampen, or gently scratch into the surface. Avoid “clumping” in spots. Can be repeated weekly. Over feeding will lead to odor. Use for all worms.

With a bedding mix, use ½ cup per gallon of starter mix. Then following, every other week, replenish with ½ cup per gallon of mix, putting on top of worm bed and scratch into surface. Then water sprinkle. Do not overfeed. Minor adjustments may be made, as necessary. This is the recommended application to begin.

Store in a dry well-ventilated area away from pets, animals, rodents and insects.

Supplemental Products: (available from Rocky Mountain Worm Company)
Coconut Coir
Glacial Rock Dust
Alfalfa Meal
Kelp Meal
Diatomaceous Earth

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