About Us

High Yield Organics is a small family company with family values established by father and son, Ken and Jay Williams.We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and have been worm farming since 2010! We believe strongly in the importance of organic sustainable growth and use our line of earthworm by-products to promote all organic growing practices.

High Yield Organics sells a variety of organic soil amendments, but we specialize in and produce pure organic worm castings. These fine products are available locally in Colorado Springs and are also shipped nationwide!

Ken Williams has worked in the construction field for most of his life. With the construction industry shrinking the last few years, he started focusing on his garden and became intrigued with organic gardening. Through diligent research he discovered the importance of microbial life in the soil and the amazing benefits worms bring to the soil food web. That began a journey into raising worms and producing their amazing worm castings.

Jay Williams survived cancer in high school, an event that changed his outlook on medicine and food. Jay went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University to get a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. Jay decided after graduation to put his love of technology and organic growing to use in producing the finest organic worm castings available nationwide.

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