Rice Bran Bokashi Activator


Bokashi is nature’s miracle mulch! A world-class plant health and grow amendment consisting of fermented grains delivering nature’s most essential ingredients directly to the plant through probiotics.

Bokashi is 100% natural grains fermented with Effective Microorganisms. This consortium of beneficial bacteria and fungi have been selected and sourced from our earth to provide regenerative and symbiosis in natural systems. Many of these microorganisms are useful in the soil for decomposition, immune defense, mineral update, and water retention. Scientists have discovered that these microorganisms, many of which are naturally found in the human body, are also useful for cleaning up oil spills and algae-filled lakes.

Plants grown with probiotics like bokashi can be shown to have higher levels of mineral density using a BRIX meter. Higher mineral density is correlated with plant health and overall flavor. The probiotics help break down the rocks and minerals in order to deliver humic to the plants. In a synthetic system, plants often cannot absorb all essential minerals it needs to grow.

By using bokashi, you are essentially giving the plant what it needs to feed a healthy and strong human being. The plant will have, in its soil, everything we need to live symbiotically with the earth. The bacteria and fungi are equipped with the bokashi which was specially formulated to keep the microbes alive and flourishing. The goal is to grow a plant that will provide the essential minerals flavors to the farmer at the end of the run.


By looking at how nature works. we can utilize it in ways that are natural and sustainable.

Probiotic farming is a new way to enhance our approach to gardening. Instead of feeding the plant what it needs, our gardeners use the soil’s little organisms to help plants thrive- just like they do in nature!

Imagine how a forest operates. With no one to water the plants and fertilize the soil, how does the forest stay alive? The key is in the mycelium network of bacteria and fungi. Within the soil is a mass web of microorganisms that connect the entire soil, transporting water, nutrients, and living organisms throughout the forest in an intelligent manner. When an animal leaves manure in the soil, the mycelium sends up decomposing organisms to break down the manure into nutrients that are evenly distributed to the plant in the entire forest.

What makes it a specialty fertilizer?

The bokashi process utilizes ancestral knowledge and love for the earth to create the world’s most powerful specialty fertilizer.

When we make bokashi, we treat our product like a naturopath would nutritionally treat a human with fertility issues. The Kvass is made to contain valuable trace minerals and essential nutrients that supercharge our microbes. Our goal is to bring fertility back to mother earth.


Infused health
We make bokashi by including very high-end ingredients. When used as a top dressing, bokashi grains act as a home and an equipment chest that give our microbes the best chance of survival.


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