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The patented head of the Dewey Mister Aeroponics, is a revolutionary mister head that does two jobs at the same time. It effectively circulates the water, as well as feeding your plant’s roots. It manages to achieve this in the most efficient manner possible and with the use of just one single air pump. The mister is designed to prevent clogging, and even when organic nutrients are used, a free, uninterrupted flow is achieved. With the Dewey mister there is no need for air stones or a water pump, and without the necessity for one of these in your reservoir you can forget about the inconvenience of algae growth which frequently occurs when the water is warmed through the pump usage.

The Dewey Mister is also excellent for brewing compost tea and the clean up from this process is made much simpler.

Aeroponic cultivation is made much easier with the Dewey mister, and with just 6 misters and an air pump of 18 watts you will have the capacity of running up to a 60 site cloner. 

  • The Dewey Mister is constructed in the USA from a nylon which is of food and medical grade.
  • The Dewey Mister uses a low watt energy saving air pump which runs on much less water and so requires less nutrients.
  • The Dewey mister runs completely on air pressure, so avoiding the nuisance of a water pump in your reservoir and the resultant rise in temperature which can damage sensitive nutrients and encourage algae growth.
  • The Dewey Mister can further be used for aerating and mixing compost teas or nutrients for your reservoir.

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