Dominator 2x

LUSH High Intensity Agricultural LED Lights
Full spectrum for ALL STAGES of Plant Growth

Dominator 2x fixtures increase light intensity and do it with photons that are 50% more energetic than 1000w HPS!

                         Lumens    Color Voltage     PAR
Dominator 2x    180,000        3.0 eV           1800
1000w HPS       145,000        2.0 eV           1000

Powerful 435w LED grow light to replace top of the line 1000w HPS grow lamp, ballast and hood. Lush LED’s reduce the demand for cooling, dehumidification and ventilation equipment!

Technical Data
Dimensions:   Width 8 ½”
Length 35”
Height 3 ½”
LED qty:         200 *3w
LED angle:     90º 2x
Spectrums:    UV to IR
Power:            60 Hz
435 watts
3.6/1.8 Amps
120/240 volts
Weight 19.6 lbs
Requires a 5” minimum clearance on all sides.

  • Easy plug and play installation.
  • Lifetime expectancy up to 50,000 hours.
  • Low heat emissions eliminate the need for excessive cooling and ventilation costs.
  • Eco-friendly: Mercury free.
  • Safe: Reduces risk of fire.
  • Slender design allows for more growing area.
  • Double lens (2x) direct light downward, eliminating the need for extra reflecting materials.
  • Internal cooling fans and large aluminum heat synch plate keeps unit operating below 100º F.
  • Max coverage over 4'x4' area.
  • Intense coverage over 3'x3' area.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Tempered steel construction, built to last.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • 3 Year manufacture warranty.
  • Use for all stages of plant growth.

Dominator 2x creates the same spectrum as the Dominator but doubles the footprint intensity. This increases the amount of energy reaching the surface of your plants leaves. Your plants will begin to grow healthier and stronger overnight! Electrical consumption does not determine a grow light’s power. The ability for your plants to perform photosynthesis under the spectrum we create is what determines an agricultural lights power. Dominator 2x will fuel your plants with the same highly energetic photons that come from the sun! UV light is used to stimulate resin production while helping boost plants’ natural immune system. Infrared light is used to penetrate deep into the plant and boost chlorophyll fluorescence so that no light is wasted. All colors in between are targeting very specific light absorbing pigments in plants. We build the best agricultural grow lights on the market for your peace of mind! Stop worrying about HID. LED is safer and will yield larger more nutritious crops when the correct spectrums are created. Increase the level of photosynthetic activity in your plants today!

Application Notes
  • Keep plants 20” away from Dominator 2x.
  • Dry locations only.
  • Soil, Aero or Hydroponic gardens.
  • Operating open-air ambient temperature range for rated life is 65º F to 90º F.
  • Humidity range for rated life is between 10% and 60%.
  • Horizontal and Vertical gardens.
  • Grow tents and large green houses.
  • Difficult areas like corners and closets.

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