Glacial Rock Dust

Glacial Rock Dust is an important source of a number of essential trace minerals and elements as well as magnesium, potassium and iron. It also provides easily accessible calcium and increases the phosphorous available to plants. All of these substances are not only essential to healthy plant growth but they also play an important role in human development and by eating plants rich in these elements we improve our health and our well being, naturally.

After many years of cultivation the minerals and elements contained in the soil decrease naturally through erosion and leaching, and these levels can be depleted even further by the indiscriminate use of chemicals and fertilizers. Glacial Rock Dust offers the perfect way to revitalize and restore the lost goodness to the soil in a completely natural way.

Glacial Rock Dust is harvested from the glacial moraine, which is the remnant of rocks which were dragged along by the glacier and which have suffered beneath the expansion and contraction of the massive block of ice over thousands of years, before being deposited when the glacier finally receded. These deposits are then mined, dried, screened and commercialized.

Benefits of Glacial Rock Dust

While Glacial Rock Dust is particularly beneficial for plants destined for human consumption, as the vital minerals get passed on to us, it also improves crop quality and quantity in flowers, trees and lawns. Your flower beds will be filled with larger, more prolific blooms and the root structures of all your plants will be increased and strengthened. Glacial Rock Dust also decreases the presence of pests so increasing yield, and unlike chemical pesticides and fertilizers it works with the soil in a completely healthy and natural manner.

Glacial Rock Dust can be applied during the spring season to make the rich nutrients available to the plants throughout the growing season, or it can be applied more frequently where there are multiple harvests. Eight tablespoons mixed into one gallon of soil, or other growing medium, is ideal for transplanting and for a pre- mixing soil for potted plants, and for top dressing potted plants four tablespoons in one gallon of soil, or other growing medium, can be applied up to once a month. Glacial Rock dust can also be added liberally to your compost heap or bin to encourage microbial development.

Glacial Rock Dust improves soil structure and increases the moisture retaining capacity of the soil so improving nutrient availability and stimulating bacterial action. It encourages the process of turning organic matter into humus making the soil a favorable environment for beneficial molds, bacteria and fungi as well as earthworms. In this way the soil is naturally strengthened to resist the many plagues that can affect the gardener’s crops and plants.

How to use Glacial Rock Dust

  1. Transplanting and pre‐mixing soil for potted plants: 8 tablespoons into 1 gallon of soil or growing medium.
  2. Top dressing potted plants: 4 tablespoons per 1 gallon of soil or growing medium. Apply up to once per month or as desired.
  3. Composting: Mix liberally into compost pile or bin as microbial enhancer during processing.

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