Natural Mistik (454g)

A 100% organic plant based and bacteria based foliar spray that gives instant nutrition to your plants while cleaning leaves of any unbeneficial pathogens. Can be used regularly for clean leaves and Essential Vitamin and Mineral Nutrient uptake.

*Alfalfa leaf, *nettle leaf, *kelp, *noni fruit, *lavender flowers, *rosemary , *calendula flowers , *horsetail, *sugar, humic acid, *bacillus subtilis, *bacillus pumilus, *bacillus megaterium, *bacillus licheniformis, *bacillus amyloliquefaciens, bacillus thuringiensis, trichoderma harzianum, trichoderma konigii. (*certified organic)

20% Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp)
20% Urtica Dioica (stinging nettle)
20% Medicago Sativa (alfalfa)
5% Morinda Citrifolia (noni fruit)
5% Equisetum (horsetail)
5% Humic acid derived from lignite.
5% Evaporated Cane Juice (sugar)
5% Lavandula Lamiaceae (lavender flower)
5% Calendula Officinalis (calendula flowers)
5% Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary)
Bacillus pumilus ~ 7,930,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus megaterium ~ 7,930,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus licheniformis ~ 7,930,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus subtilis ~ 7,930,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens ~ 7,930,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus thuringiensis ~ 7,930,000 cfu/gm
Trichoderma konigii ~ 495,594 cfu/gm
Trichoderma harzianum ~ 495,594 cfu/gm
4.9% Inert Ingredients

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