5 Gallons of Pumice

Soil quality is the most important factor for growing healthy vibrant plants, and pumice can be of great aid in improving the quality of your soil. In heavy clay soils pumice can help to decrease the density and loosen the texture, so improving the aeration of the soil, moisture retention and drainage, as well as making space for the correct development of a healthy root system. As pumice does not decompose, compact or rot it is effective over a long period of time and can assist in the control of nutrients to your plants.  Pumice will not host insects, fungi or nematodes and it is easily leached.  It is completely odorless, has a neutral pH and while naturally white in color it can be dyed if desired for ornamental effects.

What is pumice and why is it important?

Pumice is a type of volcanic igneous rock. It is formed during the rapid cooing process of molten or semi molten material which permits trace deposits of vital minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Copper and Iron to be deposited within the rock. These types of rocks are classified by their color and texture, and in the case of Pumice it is formed with many tiny vesicles which make it extremely light weight.

All living organisms require oxygen, and plant roots are no exception. For healthy development the plants roots require a constant supply of air to be available to them through the soil pores, and for the removal of the carbon dioxide which they produce through the same means. To permit this exchange of gases a good soil needs to be porous but also needs to retain enough water to satisfy the needs of the plant, as well as providing the elements necessary for healthy plant growth.

How to use pumice:

The addition of just 10% pumice into your garden soils or potting media can bring many benefits including;

  • Greater bulk density of potting mixes.
  • Improved retention of vital nutrients within the tiny surface pores of the Pumice to help regulate fertilizer feedings. The pumice can even be supercharged with vital elements before introducing into the growing medium.
  • Improved soil condition with increased aeration and drainage.
  • Improved air and water absorption through heavy clay soils.
  • Increased soil water retention, reducing the need for watering by up to 35%
  • Pumice can be reused and recycled as it does not decompose or deteriorate due to its inorganic composition.
  • Unattractive to insects, nematodes and fungi.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Excellent packing medium for storing bulbs, roots and tubers.
  • Excellent for the maintenance and restoration of lawns and turfs. Pumice can be used for preparing a new seed bed as well as a top dressing to restore and maintain correct soil structure after aerating of lawns and greens which are subjected to heavy traffic.
  • Attractive and excellent mulch when coarsely ground and spread a couple of inches thick. Pumice retains moisture and prevents compaction after watering, for shrubbery and flower beds, and also suppresses weed growth. Pumice is naturally white in color but can be easily dyed different colors to harmonize with, or to accentuate parts of your garden.
  • Excellent additive to the bedding in your worm composter providing increased air space, controlling moisture and preventing matting.

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