Raw Biochar Fines

We sell raw biochar in one cubic foot amounts, for larger bulk orders please email or call us for pricing and delivery/pickup options. Most soils will see tremendous benefit from 5%-10% biochar by volume, this can be accomplished over one growing season or multiple growing seasons/applications.

One cubic foot of biochar would treat 10-20 cubic feet of growing media or garden soil.

Raw Biochar Fines are a general purpose form of woody biochar, made from mixed hardwood feedstock, suited to most soil applications. This mix of small particles rapidly disburses in soil to affect porosity and structure with optimum impact on Cation & Anion Exchange Capacity. Biochar acts as a aerator in the soil and brings huge amounts of carbon sequestration to the soil as well. 

Beyond moisture, this raw biochar isn't processed to charge the char, or inoculate the biocarbon, or otherwise prepare it for functional service in soil.

There are 4 steps to take to activate the biochar if going into a new soil blend or garden beds that have not been established for some time to let the microbiology grow and flourish. If it is being added to established beds or grow pots it isn't needed to activate the biochar as the soil will do that for you in most cases, but if this will be going into a new garden bed or grow pots it is highly recommended you go through the 4 steps of activating it.

The following PDF explains all the steps in great detail: The 4 M's

  1. Moisten
  2. Micronize
  3. Mineral Charge
  4. Microbe Inoculation

Analysis of the raw biochar fines: Control Lab

For additional reading about the benefits of biochar check out Terra Char, leaders in the biochar field and who we source our raw biochar from.

Activated Biochar mixed with our worm castings COMING SOON!

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