Smart Soil Separator

Keep your container plants growing strong with the Smart Soil Separator™!

The patented Smart Soil Separator is a simple yet effective devise which efficiently allows the roots of plants in containers to receive the vital oxygen that they need for good healthy growth, and maintains an optimum rate of water drainage to ensure correct nutrition.

It is a well known fact that containers can produce circling roots which can inhibit oxygen absorption and create an unhealthy environment where the plant is susceptible to attack from pathogens. To remedy this problem gardeners have traditionally put rocks into the bottom of the container believing that this would allow better root development and provide better drainage. However recent research done by Oregon State University has shown that far from helping, this practice can actually increase the problem, as the roots simply become entangled in the rocks, which subsequently block the drainage, which actually increases the plants vulnerability to pathogens. The study concluded that potted plants with circling roots experienced extreme difficulty in obtaining sufficient water and nutrients, thus shortening their life span.

The Smart Soil Separator is the answer. This clever little devise ensures that a permanent air pocket remains at the bottom of the container thus ensuring a constant supply of vital oxygen. According to studies performed in Washington State University this constant supply of air burns off the ends of the circling roots which makes the plant produce more, finer roots with many branches. These delicate feeder roots can effectively transport nutrients into the plant, stimulating vigorous growth.

The smart soil separator can be inserted into any potting container with a base measurement between 5 and 7.5 inches of diameter. The pot should have at least one drainage hole and it is recommended that a saucer is placed underneath.

Your unhappy plant should be carefully removed from its existing container, any circling roots should be trimmed and then it should be gently placed into its new container on top of the Smart Soil Separator and some good quality potting mix should be added as needed. You will be amazed at how quickly your plant will become revitalized and begin to thrive.

The Smart Soil Separator not only ensures the necessary airflow to the roots, it also has a sub irrigation wicking chamber which takes the guessing out of watering. The roots of the plant will draw up the moisture that they need through the potting mix located in the wicking chamber which is in contact with the water below. Your plant will correctly water itself!


  • Fits pots with a bottom measurement of 5” to 7.5”
  • Sub-irrigation wicking chamber
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor potted plants
  • Easy to use
  • Made in USA 

What’s Included

  • Smart Soil Separator with instructions

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