UrBin Grower

Why the UrBin Grower™?

The Urbin grower is the perfect solution for frustrated gardeners who long to produce their own organic crops but who live in an urban setting. You can grow vegetables and even fruit trees on your patio, balcony, fire escape of just about anywhere! Using the square foot gardening method the Urbin Grower has a unique self watering system which will allow you to produce vigorous healthy plants with little effort.

Your plants will receive the water and nutrients they need from the bottom, which is exactly as nature designed it. The water reservoir of the Urbin Grower is easily visible, unlike some self watering containers, and this means that you can effectively monitor the water that your plant receives and needs. The plant draws the water and nutrients it requires up through the soil system wicks and this method also prevents root circling by air pruning the roots with the constant oxygen supply.

This air pruning stimulates the plant to produce more, finer roots with many branches, which effectively transfer the nutrients into the plant. Well oxygenated roots are the key to a healthy plant, and with this system there is also no fear of causing damage to your plant through over watering.

At a Glance

The Urbin grower gives you the opportunity to grow almost anything from potatoes to tomatoes, beans to corn, blueberries and strawberries, cabbage and lettuce, squash and onions, even apple or cherry trees. Your only restriction is your imagination! You don’t have to grow comestibles, the Urbin grower is also perfect for cultivating ornamental plants to embellish your surroundings.

The self watering container is produced in the USA and consists of 3 pieces, the pot, the saucer, and the soil separator. All are made from a mixture of recycled and virgin plastics. The saucer is located underneath the pot and filled with water, and the roots will draw the water up through the soil in the soil separator to feed and nourish the plant.

How the UrBin Grower™ works

The Urbin Grower’s innovative design exploits the plants natural ability to employ a capillary action which draws exactly the correct amount of water for its needs. Watering from above it is impossible to regulate the exact amount of water actually being utilized by the plant and often the vital nutrients are actually washed away and run off without the plant being able to make use of them. The Urbin method is the way plants should be watered.

The use of air pruning which the Urbin Grower employs ensures strong healthy root growth and maintains the roots at an optimum length for extracting the vital nutrients from the growing media. In traditional pots roots frequently overextend and grow in circles becoming unable to effectively absorb the required nutrients and causing deterioration in the vitality and productivity of the plant. The layer of air which is trapped between the water in the reservoir and the growing medium in the soil separator ensures that constant air pruning takes place, which causes the plant to continually be producing fine secondary roots which branch out into the growing medium to efficiently transport the required nutrients into the plants system.

The soil separator also makes sure that the soil can not become saturated which could lead to root rot. The soil separator just dips down to water level at two points to allow the wick action up into the root system. You can plant any kind of seed and use whatever soil mix you prefer in your Urbin grower and take the guess work out of correct watering and plant maintenance.

Grow Towering Veggies with the Wire Rack Add-On!

The Urbin grower even comes with an optional 4 feet tall galvanized steel wire rack which is perfect for growing climbing plants such as peas and beans or tomatoes. It is specifically designed for use with the Urbin grower and extends your options for cultivating different plants even further. So get planting and enjoy. 


  • US made - high quality plastics
  • 5 year limited warranty

What’s Included

  • growing containers
  • soil separator
  • visible water tray
  • 10 gallon pots come in a set of (4)
  • 15 gallon pots come in a set of (3)
  • 20 gallon pots come in a set of (4)

“All the vegetables I’ve tried have grown better in self watering containers than in traditional containers. Many actually grew better than in the earth garden.”
-Edward C. Smith, Author
The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible

“Air is as important to root growth as water, accelerates plant growth, increases plant vigor and creates non-circling roots”
Elsie K, Master Gardener

“Circling roots are ‘burned’ off or pruned when exposed to AIR, causing the plant to constantly produce new and highly branched roots.”
-Washington State University

“circling roots (in potted) plants have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients shortening plant’s life span.”
-Oregon State University

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