UrBin Grower Elite

Why the UrBin Grower® Elite?

Like its big brother the Urbin Grower ®Elite is a patented self watering growing environment which is perfect for producing a wide variety of different plants and which requires very little space. With this US made product you can convert any tiny area of your backyard, porch, balcony or even fire escape into a fertile productive growing machine. You can produce organic foodstuffs or ornamental plants equally easily with the Urbin Grower ®Elite and its clever design means that all your plants will thrive and produce abundantly.

The full instruction booklet and DVD mean that you will soon be enjoying bountiful harvests of peas from an early spring planting, then lettuces and greens throughout the summer and in the fall the vitamin packed goodness of kale or spinach can be enjoyed. Vertical cultivation allows you to produce an abundant crop in a very limited space.

The secret is actually one that Mother Nature has always known. Plants need to receive water from the bottom up. Watering from above can mean that many of the vital nutrients that are needed for the plant to grow can simply run off and are lost. A British garden writer claims that a pint of water introduced into the roots is worth a gallon on the soil above. With the Urbin Grower® Elite the water reservoir is easily visible so you can see where the water level is and monitor the water requirements of your plant. The plant will water itself, by sucking up the water and nutrients that it requires through its root system.

A healthy root system is the most important factor for a healthy plant and the Urbin Grower® has a simple but ingenious technique that ensures strong roots. A Permanent Airspace is created between the water in the reservoir and the growing medium in the soil separator. This airspace means that there is a constant air supply to the roots, which causes air pruning or burning off, to take place. This stimulates the plant to constantly produce more roots which are finer and with many branches and which have a greater capacity as wicks.

Many potted plants produce circular roots which studies done by Oregon State University have shown to be unable to draw up the water necessary for healthy plant growth. With this revolutionary system studies done in Washington State University have revealed that the plants root system is constantly growing, and that the tiny feeder roots spread out evenly throughout the growing mixture and are always in the correct place to effectively transport the nutrients into the plant.

The patented Urbin Grower® Elite is a completely unique type of growing container. It is constructed of durable food grade plastic which is UV protected, It is made in America and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Garden with the Pros Using Our Living Soil Mix

The Urbin Grower® Elite comes with just about everything you need to get started including organic soil amendments and natural fertilizers which allow you to create your own balanced and biologically diverse soil mix which tests have shown to be far more effective and beneficial to the plant than commercial synthetic fertilizers. You just need to provide 3 gallons of good garden soil or organic compost and you’re ready to go. In your kit you will find the following.

Coir: This is a fibrous substance found in the husk which surrounds a coconut, and once considered of no use it is now being widely employed by gardeners for its excellent water retaining capacities while maintaining good drainage. Coir creates a perfect environment for plant root to develop and extend. 

Trace Minerals: These are necessary for creating rich, fertile soils. They are essential for the growth and well being not only of the plant, but also of the animals and humans who consume them. 

Pumice: This naturally occurring volcanic rock is extremely porous and lightweight as it is full of air veins. It is an excellent aggregate to improve soil drainage, aeration and nutrient retention in soil containers, and unlike rock wool, perlite and vermiculite it does not deteriorate and can be reused.

Vermicompost, also known as worm castings is the wonderful organic fertilizer that worms produce.  Enzymes in the worm’s digestive tract speed up the composting process and the end product is rich in water soluble minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Vermicompost is an excellent way to extend and improve the quality of any organic compost making a true living, organic soil, rich in everything needed for growth and to sustain life. 

SoilKey, is an organic fertilizer which contains nutrients and micronutrients which increase the biological activity present in compost, vermicompost and soil. It is low in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and regular usage ensures the expansion of the colonies of aerobic microorganisms which are essential for the release of nutrients from the soil. 

Mycorrhizae: This is a beneficial fungus which improves the ability of plant roots to absorb water and nutrients. The Mycorrhizal fungi grow and spread both within the roots and in the surrounding soil encouraging extensive healthy root development, and it is particularly useful when transplanting.

Coir Mulch: This bi-product of coconut harvesting makes an excellent mulch to decrease moisture lost from the soil and to discourage weed germination. It is particularly useful to cover the potting soil after the plants have formed their first two real leaves.

The UrBin Grower® Elite is supported by:

  • Comprehensive instruction booklet
  • Quick Start DVD guide for beginners
  • Growing container, soil separator, visible water reservoir
  • Set of seed trays

Soil mix included with the UrBin Grower® Elite:

  • 1 gallon of pumice
  • 1.75 gallons of dry coir with trace minerals
  • 1.3 cups SoilKey, organic fertilizer
  • 1.5 cups vermicompost
  • 3 teaspoons of Mycorrhizae
  • Organic coir mulch

Note: All ingredients are individually packaged, to allow you to see the amount of each you are using in your soil mix.


“Air is as important to root growth as water it accelerates plant growth, increases plant vigor and creates non-circling roots.”
-Ralph. R

“Circling roots are ‘burned’ off or pruned when exposed to AIR, causing the plant to constantly produce new and highly branched roots.”
-Washington State University

“Circling roots (in potted) plants have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients shortening plant’s life span.”
-Oregon State University


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